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Start your collection here...

One thing you've probably noticed is that I don't have any online ordering or shopping cart functionality on my site.

Okay, how do I get the ball rolling?

Buying art is an incredibly personal experience. It's a big decision! In a survey of potential buyers, most people said that they wouldn't buy art online because they would want to see it in person first. That's completely reasonable, so I wanted to make it comfortable for you.

Sounds fair enough, how do you do that?

In fact, I have no fixed prices at all. Tell me what image you like and in what sizes you're considering. I'll give you  a fair and reasonable price. I take more pride in knowing my work is hanging in people's homes and offices all over the world!

But what about seeing stuff in person?

I don't have a physical gallery, but I have a way to address this situation!  I can send you an 8"x12" proof of any image you're seriously interested in. I do this for $10, to cover printing and shipping costs.  The proof will be watermarked as a sample.  If you purchase a full size print, I will apply the $10 proof fee as a discount on your final order. 

Awesome! How do I contact you?

That's easy, drop me an email:  I am literally on email 24/7 and will get back to you ridiculously fast! :-) I look forward to hearing from you.

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